Signal Analysis Lab

Adaptive multi purpose signal analysis tools


Signal Analysis Lab

Adaptive multi purpose signal analysis tools

About Us

Signal Analysis Lab (SAL) is a dynamic startup company, with unique skills in predictive maintenance analysis. Our team is the optimal combination of motivated young leaders supported by highly experienced professionals with a successful track record at both business and academic level.


Our disruptive technology, s2s  based on non-stationary signals analysis  will radically change the State-of-the-Art in the field of Predictive Maintenance (PM) – a €8.8bn market. Being the first mover of the new high- performance PM segment and leading to dramatic economic savings in critical industrial sectors, such as aviation and offshore drilling, by extending rotating machinery lifecycle, decreasing its maintenance costs and erasing unplanned downtime.


Downtime Decrease

Predictive Maintenance is gaining popularity among key industrial players willing to extend their assets’ lifecycle, decrease maintenance costs and minimize unplanned production breaks. Our CBM solutions reduces rotating machinery failure and downtime, thus avoiding major cause of economic losses in many manufacturing sectors.


Lifetime Increase

Our CBM solution extend equipment lifecycle, cut the overall costs for equipment operation and maintenance, thus drastically reducing or near-eliminate unplanned machinery downtime and limit the risk of environmental and human-related disasters linked to machinery failure.


Cost Reduction

You can save substantial amouts of money in installation costs by applying our smart tracking technology. Using only vibration measurements, we can estimate other crucial parameters, giving more accurate prediction while having cheaper installation and maintenance cost. No costly tachometer or RPM gauge needed.





Supporters and partners by


Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

With an innovation score of 13.91 of 15 possible, Signal Analysis Lab was granted Horizon 2020 SME Instrument phase 1 support. SME Instrument is an EU program for small and medium-sized enterprises to get funding for breakthrough innovation projects. The SME instrument will boost fast company growth and market-creating innovation thanks to staged financing and ramped up business acceleration services.



Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has contributed with advice, mentors, and startup loan to Signal Analysis Lab. We have an ongoing dialogue to where they are advising on several key areas. 


The Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway has contributed with mentoring and financing of both the business development and research and development in 2017. They have provided soft funding through the program Forny Student 2020 and Skattefunn, as well as mentoring services through IKT-forskningspool.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology

NTNU has provided mentoring of the company since the very start. During the Forny Student program (January 2017 – January 2018), we got mentors from Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Department of Electronic Systems, and Department of Electric Power Engineering.


University of Agder

Signal Analysis Lab has cooperated with the University of Agder on gathering and analysing data, as well as verifying the fidelity of our algorithms.



Styrhuset has and is contributing to the business development, customer acquisition, and market research of Signal Analysis Lab. 

Customers are, of course, not mentioned. 


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